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What every success-minded sax student needs is some guidance. Someone who has been there and is willing to point the way, to show you the path, to demonstrate how it's done, and to teach you how to take your first steps. I'm that person for many students, and perhaps I can be that for you too.

I've been guided by a number of great teachers who helped me get started and find my way. 

I currently perform regularly and also teach music. If you're a sax player looking to build up your skills, I'm confident I can help you improve in the following areas:

Playing with a beautiful tone
Developing proper technique
Creating a practice routine
Selecting and building a repertoire

Sight reading and transposing
Have more fun playing music than ever before. 

I can also guide you with tips on: 
Promoting your career
Putting together a press package
Recording techniques

Forming and rehearsing a band
Making videos for YouTube & beyond. 

I have a lot to offer the serious student.

If you're interested in learning more, please fill out the form and send it. 
I look forward to our musical adventures together!

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